Swimming Lessons

Unlike many sports, swimming is an activity which can be learnt and enjoyed at almost any age. There are literally no barriers -- not even ill health.

Learning to Swim

Regular swimming on the basis of a little often will do no harm.

Swimming Group Lessons

Individual Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons should always start with a swim of less than optimum effort, often regarded as a warm-up. The session should conclude with a loosen-down swim roughly equivalent to the length and intensity of the warm-up.

Variety is an important function in every Swimming Lesson. Swimmers should be encourages to use the clock regularly to measure performance. They should also be encourages to take pulse counts over ten or fifteen seconds when interval training rests are longer than this.

Swimming coaches must be dedicated, confident and able to motivate his swimmers. Swimmer goals which the swimmer recognizes are obtainable both in training and each swimmer should be to attain the highest possible standards of which he is capable of.

Swimming Awards and Certifications

SwimSafer - SwimSafer Programmes are conducted by professional SwimSafer Instructors. Each instructor is qualified to provide a positive contribution to your child’s progress in water competency. Every acrediated SwimSafer Instructor will hold a valid SwimSafer Instructor card. You may proceed to your nearest Sport Singapore Swimming Complex to consult our friendly SwimSafer instructors to find out more and register. Only certified SwimSafer Instructors are allowed to conduct SwimSafer.. Learn more about the SwimSafer Swimming Programme in Singapore.

Swimming Coach

A good swimming coach can make a difference between a fun and exciting session as compared to a boring swim training, allowing the swimmer to took forward to the next swimming session. The coach should also keep a log of everything completed as a guide for future references.

Although each swimming session is usually planned out at the start of each month according to the training programme, there should be a degree of flexibility in case the swimmers are tired, in order to get the best out performance.