We like to make our swimming lessons accessible and flexible. As such, the prices of our swim lessons will vary depending on the lesson type, group size and location. Look below for a range of different lesson types and find the one that best suits your needs. 

Product TypeVenueLesson TypeRatioDurationSessions Option 1PriceSessions Option 2Price
Group LessonPublicBaby Swimming Lessons1:4-60.510$200--
Group LessonResidentialBaby Swimming Lessons1:4-60.510$250--
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialBaby Swimming Lessons1:10.54$30010$750
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialBaby Swimming Lessons1:20.54$16010$400
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialBaby Swimming Lessons1:30.54$12010$300
Group LessonPublicToddlers Swimming Lessons1:4-60.510$200--
Group LessonResidentialToddlers Swimming Lessons1:4-60.510$250--
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialToddlers Swimming Lessons1:10.54$30010$750
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialToddlers Swimming Lessons1:20.54$16010$400
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialToddlers Swimming Lessons1:30.54$12010$300
Group LessonPublicAdults Swimming Lessons1:5-100.7510$180--
Group LessonResidentialAdults Swimming Lessons1:4-80.7510$250--
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialAdults Swimming Lessons1:10.754$30010$750
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialAdults Swimming Lessons1:30.754$12010$300
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialAdults Swimming Lessons1:20.754$16010$400
Group LessonPublicLadies Swimming Lessons1:5-100.7510$180--
Group LessonResidentialLadies Swimming Lessons1:4-80.7510$250--
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialLadies Swimming Lessons1:10.754$30010$750
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialLadies Swimming Lessons1:20.754$16010$400
Private LessonPublic / ResidentialLadies Swimming Lessons1:30.754$12010$300

Swimming Pool Corporate Membership

With the swimming pool corporate membership, corporate members can have access to the 23 island-wide featured and conventional swimming pools in Singapore.

Each membership card entitles for six (6) entires per time and for unlimited access throughout the year. In addition, members get to enjoy a 5% rebate on pool-related courses. Pool membership is transferable among staff of the company and their family members at S$650 per card and subsequent card for S$600.

  • Convenient swimming pool locations
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • One card allows 6 entries per time at all 23 pools
  • Locker and shower facilities

Take the plunge and sign up for a class today!

Whether it is for yourself or for someone you love, swim lessons are a great investment that would reap multiple levels of benefits in the future. Try a class today!