Jalan Besar Swimming Complex


Jalan Besar swimming complex provides an awesome swimming experience for the whole family. It offers great facilities and a range of amenities for your swimming. The complex is also an ideal venue for family recreational activities. The pools here are great even for beginner swimmers.

Information of Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

Address & Contact:

100 Tyrwhitt Road #01-03 (207542)
6293 9058

Operating Hours:

8:00am-9:30pm (Daily) - 2:30pm-9:30pm (Wed)


Opened to public on 1 Jun 03.

Seating Capacity:

86 persons

Lifeguard Duty:

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Entry Fee:

Adult $1.00 - Child $0.50 - Senior $0.60

Highlights of Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

Facilities of Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

Swimming pools in Jalan Besar Swimming Complex are great for beginners and advanced swimmers. Well-maintained and ideal for the whole family.

Amenities of Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

Friendly-environment for children and great activity area for families.

Rules and Guidelines

All visitors are requested to wear proper swimming attire and take a shower before using swimming pool facility for hygiene reasons.

Common Activities in Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

Throughout the week, group swimming classes are conducted in Jalan Besar Swimming Complex.

Interesting facts of Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

Jalan Besar is not just for the food bloggers and hipsters. It was once a dirt track in the swampy marshlands near Rochor River that grew into a major road that caters many races and industries. It is more popular in the moniker “Big Road.” Jalan Besar is a home to the most unique places of worship in Singapore—a Sikh temple, Tibetan Buddhist Temple, and a Hinghwa Methodist Church. Also situated here is the Petain Road which holds conserved terrace houses in the Chinese Baroque style. Jalan Besar also boasts the New World Amusement Park.

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